Dilapidations Survey

Dilapidations Survey

Our team of Chartered Surveyors provide you with a detailed Dilapidations Survey which helps to ‘fight your corner’ whether acting for Landlord or Tenant.

Unlike some of our competitors, we have Surveyors who specialise in Dilapidations and have the knowledge and experience to secure the best possible outcome for you.

You can rely on us to take responsibility for your dilapidations claim and to guide you through, what can be a complex process, step-by-step, in an informed and pragmatic manner.

Landlord Services

  • Preparation of Interim Schedules of Dilapidation during the lease, prior to issuing a Notice of Repair.
  • Preparation of Terminal Schedules of Dilapidation at the end of a lease.
  • Preparing Dilapidation claims for service on your tenants and negotiating settlements with the Tenant’s Surveyor.
  • Reviewing licenses for alteration and monitoring tenant’s works on your behalf.
  • Design and procurement of remedial and reinstatement works.

Tenant Services

  • Preparing Schedules of Condition prior to entering a new lease, to limit your repairing obligations.
  • Responding to Landlords Schedules of Dilapidation and negotiating the extent and quantum of claim with the Landlord’s Surveyor.
  • Assessment of Dilapidations liabilities for budget purposes.
  • Design and procurement of remedial and reinstatement works.

Don't believe us?

We believe that the work we do and the clients we work for, say more about us than we could ever convey, so if you don’t believe us, take a look at our Case Studies.

" Evans Jones managed the complex process of negotiation between landlord and sub-tenant resulting in a significant amount of money being saved. This was achieved on time and within budget and I would not hesitate in recommending Evans Jones service to others. "

Paul Engelbrecht - BPE Solicitors