Residential Surveyor

Residential Surveyor

Our team of Chartered Building Surveyors, based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, can provide you with a comprehensive property survey prior to the purchase of your home.

For most people, buying a home is one of the most important decisions they'll ever make. We understand this, so if you appoint our team of Chartered Building Surveyors, you can expect:


Half your money back if you decide you don’t want us to write up your Property Survey

Why would you want to pay a Building Surveyor to write a report telling you not to buy a property? This seems a waste of money to us, so if, after completing an initial inspection, our surveyor comes to the conclusion that you shouldn’t buy the property, we’ll call you and ask whether you want us to write up our Property Survey report. If you say no, we’ll discount our fee by 50%.

A thorough inspection

Agents and Vendors are often surprised at how long we take to complete our building survey inspections. We are not bulk surveyors on Building Society or Bank panels, who often complete multiple surveys in a day. It is rare for any of our Chartered Building Surveyors to complete more than one building survey in a day, so you can be assured we will take the necessary time to properly understand the property and identify all of the key issues.

A comprehensive, yet easy to understand report

We believe in traditional values when it comes to building surveys, so our reports are detailed and explain in full, the causes, implications and remedial actions to any defects found, but always use plain English and include an executive summary which gets straight to the point.

All the information you need to negotiate on price or instruct a builder

Unlike a lot of our competitors, our surveyors will give you a budget cost for any major defects, so that you can re-negotiate without having to get quotes from builders or other specialists. Equally, our surveys include enough information for a competent builder to understand what works are required after completion.

This is why we don’t offer Homebuyers Surveys, they simply don’t allow us to offer you the detail, guidance and information we believe you should expect when paying for a building survey and thus don’t, in our opinion, offer value for money when considering the largest single purchase of most people’s lives.

Don't believe us?

We believe that the work we do and the clients we work for, say more about us than we could ever convey, so if you don’t believe us, take a look at our Case Studies.

" Thank you very much for your work, which has saved me a useful sum, duly deducted from the original agreed price. The full building survey has not only saved me money, it has given me the correct specification for briefing builders on the repair work to the property. "

Residential Survey Client