Schedule of Condition

Schedule of Condition

Our team of Chartered Building Surveyors have the knowledge and technology to enable us to produce accurate, detailed and user friendly schedules of condition quickly.

A schedule of condition is a factual record of the condition of a property at a point in time, typically at the beginning of a lease or prior to the start of a neighbouring development.

By thoroughly recording the condition of the property at the start of a lease the ongoing tenant can cap their future repairing liability (subject to lease drafting). This is particularly relevant when taking on a building with existing defects or in a generally dilapidated state.

When works are being carried out close to your property a schedule of condition prior to start leaves no room for doubt if any damage occurs. In this instance, a schedule of condition protects the neighbour from nuisance damage but also the developer from spurious claims.

A proper schedule of condition should record the condition of a property in both visual and written form in order that the condition can be accurately and objectively assessed in future thus avoiding any argument where damage has occurred or the condition worsened.

Thus whilst we embrace on-site electronic data collection, to ensure our schedules are processed as quickly as possible we make no apologies for adopting a meticulous approach to producing schedules of condition that include all the detailed information you need to protect your interests in future.

By way of example, defects such as cracking should be precisely recorded using both photographs and a written description in order that any deterioration can be accurately assessed later. In this instance, a written description is essential as photographs rarely show enough detail with some cracks not even visible on digital photographs.

Be assured that our schedules of the condition include full written descriptions in addition to a photographic record. Our schedules also include fully cross-referenced and linked photo records allowing the user to quickly move between written and photo records and back again with two clicks of a mouse something we feel sets us apart from our competitors.

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