Workplace Travel Plans

Workplace Travel Plans

Sustainable travel is a key element of a successful development, with planning authorities keen to see how sustainable transport will be encouraged.

We have considerable experience in producing and monitoring workplace travel plans.  We have worked for blue-chip clients on numerous sites across the UK, assisting in the preparation, submission, approval and monitoring of appropriate travel plans.

What is a Workplace Travel Plan?

A Workplace Travel Plan is a requirement imposed by Local Authorities by way of Planning Condition or legal agreement (typically a s.106 agreement). A Workplace Travel Plan may also be required as part of a BREEAM assessment. The Travel Plan includes a package of measures designed to encourage employees and customers to travel to site by means other than private car.

Following occupation of the site there will usually be a requirement for the occupier to monitor the Workplace Travel Plan to ensure targets set out in the original travel plan are met and to show ongoing improvement. Evans Jones can provide this monitoring service but our aim is to make this process as easy to manage as possible thus saving operators management time and money.

So what measures might a Workplace Travel Plan typically include?

Travel Plan measures can range from high cost items such as subsidised staff loans, installation of showers, public transport display systems, cycle parking and subsidised public transport through to low cost measures such as free internet access to local travel guides, car sharing schemes and on site maps of local bus and train stations. Our focus is on the low cost options.

Evans Jones travel planning team aim to deliver Workplace Travel Plans which minimize the cost to you ‘day one’ but also longer term by making the travel plan as easy as possible to monitor and manage.

How much will a Workplace Travel Plan cost?

We do not use a set workplace travel plan template. Each travel plan is prepared on a site specific basis and we will happily provide a fixed price quotation if you can provide a few simple details.

Evans Jones aim is to minimise the cost to you of implementing the Travel Plan measures both now and in the future. Thus when choosing who to prepare your travel plan we would urge you to consider not just the fee for preparing the plan but the likely costs of implementing it which could be far greater than the cost of preparing the travel plan.

Don't believe us?

We believe that the work we do and the clients we work for, say more about us than we could ever convey, so if you don’t believe us, take a look at our Case Studies.

" We are under constant pressure to deliver more and more in our Travel Plans. Consistent with our brand Evans Jones Team repeatedly deliver value for money solutions which are easy to understand, implement and monitor going forward. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Evans Jones. "

Emma Bridgewood Travelodge Hotels Ltd. - UK Contracts Manager