Free Workspace Appraisal

With the growing trend, towards homeworking, we are offering a FREE appraisal of your office space, including an initial assessment of your current arrangements.

A recent survey has reported that 73% of office workers would like to work at home for 2 days or more in the future. Many businesses are looking to reduce or reconfigure their office space - to accomodate this trend and make significant cost savings.

Could this work for your business?

If you're unsure whether or not this could work for you, why not try our FREE Workspace appraisal and find out if there are cost savings to be made. The appraisal will include an initial assessment of your current arrangements,  including lease, technology, staff attitudes/opinions, along with potential cost savings.

It will enable you to assess the feasibility of reducing or reconfiguring your office space and whether there are potential cost-savings to be made.

The free appraisal is no-obligation, however if you decide there is potential to proceed, Evans Jones will provide a full Workspace Audit, which will give a full assessment of your office space and recommendations on how you could proceed.

For more information or to discuss further, contact Ian Eggleton on or 0800 0014090.