Workspace Audit

Workspace Audit

Our Workspace Audit offers an impartial view of your current office space - including how much space/money you could save and how to sell this to your staff and landlord.

With the huge increase in home/remote working, many businesses are looking to reduce or reconfigure their office space. A recent survey reports that 73% of office workers have indicated that they would like to work at home for 2 days or more in the future.

There are clear benefits to employees and employers and in the current climate, many businesses are looking to accommodate this trend and make significant cost savings.

What is a Workspace Audit?

A Workspace Audit delivers a comprehensive review of your existing office space, the technology you utilise for homeworking and your staffs appetite for more flexible working. This data then allows us to  determine practical and deliverable options for reducing and improving space including a fully planned and costed solution.

This will answer your key questions:

  • What is the staff appetite for this change?
  • How much space can I save?
  • How much money will this save me?
  • Can we stay in our existing location or do we need to move?
  • What will the capital costs of the change be?

Our Services

A Workspace Audit includes:

  • Consult - with you and your staff
  • Property - Lease and Tenancy Review
  • Space - review of existing space and planning for revised use
  • Technology - review of technology to check this supports flexible working.
  • Budget - costs of re-modelling, moves and dilapidations.
  • Recommendation – Reduce, Sublet, Move, Close.

The results are presented in a detailed written report setting out fully costed plans for the remodelling, but also the constraints and risks allied to the evidence base for the change. Our aim is to provide you with a fully comprehensive report allowing your board to make an informed design whether to proceed and providing the basis to promote the scheme to staff, client and landlords.

Why us?

Our team of independent Chartered Surveyors and Space Planners have the property, technical and practical knowledge, combined with a commercially aware approach to determine the most competitive and deliverable options, as well as help you sell these to staff, clients and landlords.

We offer independent advice. We are not trying to sell you furniture or a new IT system. If we think you should stay put we wont be afraid to tell you early in the process.

Free Workspace Appraisal

If you're not sure how to proceed or what the best option is for your business, we are offering a FREE appraisal of your office space.

This will include an initial assessment of your current arrangements,  including lease, technology, staff attitudes/opinions, along with potential cost savings.

To register, complete your details and we will be in touch.

" Evans Jones managed the complex process of negotiation between landlord and sub-tenant resulting in a significant amount of money being saved. This was achieved on time and within budget and I would not hesitate in recommending Evans Jones service to others. "

Paul Engelbrecht - BPE Solicitors