Disabled Access Audits - Greater Anglia

Disabled Access Statements and Audits across London, the South East and East Anglia for Greater Anglia's priority stations

  • Location:
  • London, East Anglia, South East
  • Services:
  • Access Audits Access Statements

Greater Anglia is one of the UK's major train operators, with over 150 stations across London, South East and East Anglia.

Evans Jones were appointed to provide Access Audits and Access Statements for 38 of their priority stations.

Working in frequently busy, high-traffic environments, Evans Jones' team of in-house auditors inspected each site across a two-month period, managing workflow across priority stations, as requested by the client and successfully delivered the project within the agreed timescale

A consistent approach was achieved across the project, with bespoke, site-specific recommendations for each site and priority ratings and costs to plan and budget for adjustive works.