Dilapidations - Negotiations for Tenant

Evans Jones were appointed to provide expert advice to the tenant of a warehouse unit comprising around 18500ft² of warehouse and office space.

  • Location:
  • Rutherford Way, Cheltenham
  • Service:
  • Dilapidations

Our client was faced with a substantial dilapidations claim of more than £250k with little time to respond and a Sub-tenant in place.

We were able to negotiate a settlement with the Landlord and Sub-tenant, which resulted in our client securing an early surrender of the head lease and a settlement figure of less than 15% of the original claim.

" Evans Jones managed the complex process of negotiation between landlord and sub-tenant resulting in a significant amount of money being saved. This was achieved on time and within budget and I would not hesitate in recommending Evans Jones service to others. "

Paul Engelbrecht - Hughes Paddison Solicitors