Dilapidations - Negotiation of Terminal Schedule for Tenant

Evans Jones was appointed by Organic Farm Foods, following receipt of a Terminal Schedule of Dilapidations from the superior landlord.

  • Location:
  • Lampeter, Wales
  • Service:
  • Dilapidations

This schedule claimed over £275k of damages in a dilapidation dispute. Part of the building was occupied by a subtenant whose repairing obligations were limited by 'schedule of condition'.

We were appointed to negotiate with both landlord and subtenant to secure the most beneficial settlement for our client.

In this instance, we were able to use an s.18 argument (diminution valuation) to secure a net settlement of less than £65k for our client.

" Evans Jones expertise and negotiation skills were invaluable in ensuring the best settlement was achieved resulting in a huge saving. I would highly recommend Evans Jones to others and will use them in again in future. "

Colin Banton - Organic Farm Foods