My three reasons to work for Evans Jones

Our Apprentice Fran discusses her top three reasons to work for Evans Jones

Three reasons to work for Evans Jones

I’ve been at Evans Jones for 5 months now and since working here I’ve come to recognise how welcoming the company are, they stick to their values to ensure the best for their colleagues and clients. Here’s my top reasons why I enjoy working at Evans Jones!

  • I get to explore all areas of the business with friendly colleagues always willing to answer questions. Shadowing work allows me to gain a deeper understand of how the business runs.
  • Flexible working arrangements allows for a great work life balance. Having the infrastructure in place to work from home when needs be or the option to choose the length of your lunch break all helps to create a more relaxing workspace.
  • We keep it professional but still manage to have fun! Whether this is a trip to the pub on a Thursday after work or celebrating the Christmas festivities, we know how to have a good time.

If you like the sound of this, then take a look here at the roles we are currently recruiting for and join our team.