Government consult on new Rural Housing Scheme

The government is looking at a number of proposals aiming to boost the rural economy and make the neighbourhood planning process easier.

The proposals submitted by the Treasury and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) include relaxing planning rules for low cost starter homes in rural towns and villages in England.

The proposed changes would allow starter homes to be built on Rural Exception Sites for the first time. This will allow local areas to allocate more sites for starter homes specifically for local people under 40 who already live in the area, or have an existing family or employment connection to the area.

Planning proposals involving smaller towns, districts and rural areas will be given preference in the current bidding round for Enterprise Zones.

A fast track planning certificate process is also to be introduced for establishing the principle of development for minor development proposals.

The government will also be reviewing the threshold for the conversion of agricultural buildings into residential buildings.

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