Cotswold District Council publishes Draft Local Plan for public consultation.

Cotswold District Council has now published a draft Local Plan which is now available to view and comment on for a period of public consultation ending on Friday 27 February 2015

Aerial viewIt sets out the proposed development strategy and housing and employment site allocations for the district for the plan-period, which is intended to run until 2031. View details here

Perhaps the most contentious aspect of the new Local Plan is the amount of new housing that must be delivered in the district. It is proposed to accommodate 7500 new dwellings across the district during the plan period (this target has increased from 6900 dwellings in the previous consultation draft).

The new housing will be distributed across 17 of the districts most sustainable settlements. The 7500 new dwellings that are proposed are shown as allocated sites within the draft plan. If you have land you wish to promote as a potential housing site, or if your site is already allocated for housing, we strongly advise that you submit representations now to Cotswold District Council.

The plan also proposes a rural housing policy which will allow for new build open market housing to be considered for planning permission within or immediately adjacent to villages provided there is good public transport access to community services and facilities and it has been demonstrated that a proven affordable housing need exists in that locality.

Following the end of consultation in February 2015 there will be further rounds of public consultation during the summer and autumn with submission of the Local Plan to the Secretary of State at the end of the year. Examination and final adoption of the Local Plan is likely to take place in 2016.

For further advice please contact Evans Jones planning team.