Planning Premission For A Sustainable Office Development

The Global pandemic has reshaped work patterns, leading to a growing demand for a middle ground between remote work and traditional office.

  • Location:
  • Tewkesbury
  • Service:
  • Planning Appeals

Project Overview:

Evans Jones Ltd was tasked with obtaining approval for a sustainable office building upon a disused chicken farm.  Providing a co-working hub.   

The scheme includes a commitment to sustainability, addressing climate change via a 25KW solar array and newly planted community orchard.   This project bridges the gap between working from home and office working, offering a convenient workspace near people's homes.


Due to the unique and revolutionary nature of the development, and the sites countryside location it fell outside local planning policy classifications. 

Being located within a protected landscape in open countryside, the project faced various challenges.  The Local Authority were unsupportive, refusing planning permission. 

The planning team at Evans Jones Ltd secured planning permission via Planning Appeal to the Planning Inspectorate appeal.


Evans Jones effectively guided the project through to the appeal stage, ultimately achieving a favourable outcome.

Despite the lack of local support, Evans Jones presented arguments aligning the scheme with national guidelines promoting economic development and clean energy provision.

Evans Jones planning team emphasised that any potential negative impacts of the development were outweighed by the benefits of revitalising a derelict site, highlighting the positive transformation that could be realised in the area.

This successful outcome demonstrates the importance of thoroughly researching a proposal and clearly explaining the public benefits which a scheme will deliver.