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Residential Surveys

Cheltenham Surveyors

Many purchasers ask the question ‘Why do I need a survey?’.

Most mortgage companies will require a mortgage valuation survey and many purchasers feel that this is all they require. Unfortunately a Mortgage Valuation is a very simple form of inspection which is designed to establish whether the property value is sufficient to cover the amount of lending. In many instances this limited type of survey will not uncover structural or damp problems which may have a significant effect on the value of the property or your enjoyment of it.

As this is likley to be the single most expensive purchase of your life we always recommend that you commission an independant survey of the property prior to exchanging contracts. The Office of Fair Trading offers a free guide to buying or selling your home (PDF) which gives further advice.

We always aim to tailor our survey reports to suit the needs of our clients but offer 4 main types of residential survey.

Building Survey

This is the most comprehensive survey we offer and is suitable for all properties regardless of age, type or construction. Typically this type of survey will provide a detailed description and assessment of:

Our Building Survey also includes:

We can also provide a Market Valuation as part of the Building Survey, as an additional service, to give you added assurance that you are paying the right price for your new home.

For more information please download our Survey Information Sheet (PDF)

Bricks and Mortar Survey

This type of survey is designed for a purchaser with some knowledge of construction or who does not require advice on minor defects or elements of the building which are not significant to it's structural stability or weathertightness. This format can be used for all properties regardless of age, type or construction.

The written report is designed to be a concise assessment of the property focussing on the structural stability and weathertightness of the property only. It will cover the following:

The report will not cover or include the following:

RICS Homebuyers Survey and Valuation

This RICS Homebuyer Survey is a set format designed by the Royal Insititute of Chartered Surveyors to provide a consistent, cost effective, basic survey for homebuyers.

This type of survey is only generally considered suitable for properties constructed after 1900 of traditional construction. We would not generally recommend that you choose this survey format for older properties or properties obviously in very poor condition.

The Homebuyer survey is designed to identify significant defects and urgent repairs only. It does not cover minor defects and will only identify problems which fall under these two categories.

For more information please download the Description of a Homebuyer Service Sheet (1MB PDF).

New Home Snagging Report

Most new homes are covered by a 10 year insurance backed warranty by companies such as NHBC or Zurich. Many homeowners believe that these warranties cover all aspects of their new home and whilst it is true to say that the insurers will inspect the property regularly during construction, and at completion these inspections are not necessarily designed to cover quality of construction.

Whilst such schemes should cover major items, in our experience, it can be very difficult to get either the insurers or the developer to deal wth more minor items in particular after you have moved in and actually parted with your money.

As the name suggests our Snagging reports are intended for brand new homes. The inspections are designed to ensure that the property has been constructed and finished in accordance with both legislative and good building standards.

Any defects found are clearly identified in an easy to understand tabular format written in plain english. We also set out what we consider to be a reasonable repair.

By commisioning a snagging inspection prior to completion of the purchase you put yourself in a strong negotiating position with the developer who should be keen to address any concerns raised in order to secure the sale.

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Evans Jones survey delivered within 48 hours and identified a number of defects I would never have been aware of without their advice. The clear advice and budget costings allowed me to secure a significant reduction in price without having to get quotes myself. Overall a great service and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering buying a houseMike Fletcher

I employed Evans Jones to do a survey of my house and found them to be very professional indeed. They were very knowledgeable and their advice ended up saving me £5,000. I would definitely recommend them.Shaun Uthup

Thank you very much for your work, which has saved me a useful sum duly deducted from the original agreed price.......the full building survey has not only saved me money - it has given me the correct specification for briefing builders on the repair work to the property.

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