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Extension of time for planning permission

New Provisions came into force on the 1st October 2009 allowing simplified extension of time applications.

In an attempt to ease the burden on land owners and developers, new provisions came into force on the 1st October 2009 which will allow site owners and developers to submit a simplified application to “keep alive” consents which are about to lapse (plus associated listed building and conservation area consents).

The draft regulations would have allowed major applications only to be extended in this way; however following consideration of the consultation responses, the powers as implemented on the 1st October have been widened to include both major and minor applications (including householder applications).

The application will be made via simplified application form and payment of applicable fee. Unfortunately the legislative procedures required to change the application fees run behind the new regulations, and prior to publication of the revised fee structure, full fees will be payable for all extension of time applications.

The new fee structure is likely to come into force in December. The following fee levels are proposed:

  • Major applications £500.00
  • £50.00 for householder applications and
  • £170.00 for all others

David Jones, Head of Planning at Evans Jones Ltd. commented,

The new regulations are very much welcomed. In the present economic climate many schemes are stalled pending bank funding or improved market conditions. The requirement to renew existing consents placed an unnecessarily heavy burden on many cash strapped developers and land owners. This short term measure to extend the life of consents granted during the recession is a positive and pragmatic move which should help to speed recovery and housing delivery in the medium term. For further information on renewing your consent contact David Jones (01242) 531411 or Sara Bagshaw (01242) 531412.

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